The “On Patrol” Project

The “On Patrol” Project

The ON PATROL Project was established in 2016 with a single participant and the goal of representing veterans throughout our history.  The concept of the ON PATROL Project is the physical representation and tribute, through a mobile living history display, of our American Service personnel from our country’s founding, clear up to the present day. The purpose is for the active participation in parades and other veteran related proceedings. Additionally, we look forward to educational / American history events, such as “Veterans in the Classroom”. The project was created to remind the public, both young and old, of the role of the armed services throughout the history of our United States.

The ON PATROL Project involves the dressing out of individuals in appropriate field uniforms and equipment of the American Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine and Coastguardsman, with the ultimate goal of representation from the American Revolution and every period of conflict since.

In the short time the Project has existed, we have received numerous comments regarding the idea as awesome, and much needed; and have received thanks and applause from the crowds, and long held salutes from fellow veterans along the parade routes.

Participation in the Project is voluntary, and does not require membership in the Post, even though we are a functional committee of Post 4108.

Those interested in participating or just curious about our group can contact the chairman, Brian O’Connor, at 541-699-8664 or email at

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